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Chlorosis by Michael Flatt and by Derrick Mund

Chlorosis by Michael Flatt and by Derrick Mund

SKU: 9781946031273

With Chlorosis—a leaf disease in plant life caused by lack of light, literally translated as "green sickness"—Flatt and Mund explore the difficulties of finding and sustaining love in the midst of the various toxicities of the anthropocene: slow violence, environmental catastrophe, economic malaise, polluted cultural memory, digital abjection, etc. Alternating between lyrical address and objectivist observation, this collection of untitled poems also engages with voices from the fields of ecopoetics and new materialism. In this collaboration, the first-person pronouns break down actively, alertly, and unevenly, alongside generalized collapse. Love, however—humanist love, romantic love, brotherly love—is never far from view.

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