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Enamórate de ti by Walter Riso

Enamórate de ti by Walter Riso

SKU: 9786070748356

Ever since we are little, we are taught certain personal-care behavior: how to brush our teeth, take a shower, fix our nails, eat, get dressed... But what about psychological care and mental health? Do we pay enough attention to them? Do we put them into practice? Do we ever highlight the relevance of self-love? Good self-esteem and loving yourself deeply increase positive emotions. It also allows you to be more efficient when performing tasks, improve personal relationships, establish more balanced relationships and become more independent and autonomous. This book’s proposal is both simple and complex: fall in love with yourself, be brave and start loving yourself to continuously create a “self” that makes you happier and resilient to life’s constant beating each day that goes by. Be happy getting to know yourself and loving you before loving somebody else.

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