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Incantation by Xóchitl-Julisa Bermejo

Incantation by Xóchitl-Julisa Bermejo

SKU: 9781957840215

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A Mouthfeel Press Publication

Incantation: Love Poems for Battle Sites is a Chicana’s witness to the American ethos in a time marked by controversy, division, and transformation. Bermejo delves into the heart of the matter, contemplating the significance of U.S. monuments as both symbols of history and battlegrounds for ideological strife, and imparts a compassionate ear to the marginalized, memorializing the lives of Black and brown individuals whose lives were cut short by state-sanctioned violence. But Bermejo's poetry also brims with love, passion, and determination to resist the prevailing chaos. She crafts love poems celebrating the bonds of family, the strength of friendships, and the allure of defiance. Incantation dances like flames in rituals of resistance and resilience, illuminating paths toward a future unburdened by the shackles of misogyny and white supremacy.

The collection is inspired by writers like bell hooks, Audrey Lorde, and Adrienne Maree Brown. The influence of hooks' All About Love lends a sense of introspection to Bermejo's poetry as she examines the complex interplay of love within the context of societal upheaval. Lorde's exploration of the "Uses of the Erotic" adds layers of empowerment to the collection, breathing life into the transformative potential of embracing the self. And from Brown's Pleasure Activism, Bermejo draws that pleasure can be a vehicle for activism, a means of reshaping a world fractured by discord. She summons love, pleasure, and the human body to reimagine a collective vision of liberation from prejudice and discrimination. Bermejo crafts a literary sanctuary, a space where readers can confront the harsh realities of today's America while kindling the flames of hope.

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