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Incidental Takes by Teresa Mei Chuc

Incidental Takes by Teresa Mei Chuc


Teresa Mei Chuc has put together a remarkably powerful book woven together with an eye for detail and an ear for jolting juxtapositions. Her sense of wonder and her deep empathy with the natural world manifest themselves through the plight of the whale, for example. It is almost as if the spaces between poems are vast tracts of ocean water and the brilliant words rising up are breaching whales. The poems call to us: "Pay attention!" Here is a poet who can use the power of words to speak for the natural world.

In addition, as a veteran and as a member of Veterans For Peace, I greatly appreciate Teresa's willingness to expose the devastating role that U.S. militarism has played in the destruction of yet another species -- the whale..... Here are poems that speak for all of us who are not willing to let the natural world fall victim to those who are turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the real dangers of environmental extinction.

Teresa Mei Chuc's poetic gifts are truly those that move beyond the page and into the world of our children and grandchildren. We are blessed to be in her presence. Her poems resonate with truth and beauty. We would be wise to heed their calling.

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