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Painting Their Portraits in Winter by Myriam Gurba

Painting Their Portraits in Winter by Myriam Gurba

SKU: 9781933149905

In this artfully crafted collection of new short stories by award-winning author Myriam Gurba, nothing is as it seems on the surface. A Mexican grandmother tells creepy yet fascinating ghost stories to her granddaughters as a way to make them sit still (How Some Abuelitas Keep Their Chicana Granddaughters Still So That They Can Paint Their Portraits in Winter). A Polish grandfather spends the night in a Mexican graveyard after a D a de Muertos celebration to discover if ghosts really do consume the food that has been left for them (Even This Title Is a Ghost).

Unforgettable characters inhabit these cross-border tales filled with introspection and longing, as modern sensibilities weave and wind through traditional folktales creating a new kind of magical realism that offers insights into where we come from and where we may be going.

A native Californian, Myriam Gurba earned a BA with honors from UC-Berkeley. Her writing has been published by Manic D Press, Future Tense, City Lights, and Seal Press. Her first book, Dahlia Season, won the Publishing Triangle's Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction and was shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award. She blogs often for the Rumpus and Radar Productions.

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