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Station Six by S.J Klapecki

Station Six by S.J Klapecki

SKU: 9781849354783

Sixty million miles from Earth, in the orbiting city of Station Six, work still sucks. Max is a dockyard worker (with an illegal sideline in hacking and cybersurgery) in the company town of the future. When the LMC Corporation announces its Automated Future Plan, which will turn Station Six into a vacation destination with as few human personnel as needed to stay functional, Max has had enough. They rise from their complacency and joins forces with an underground revolutionary cell as all hell breaks loose. S.J. Klapecki's debut novel about galactic class struggle against impossible odds delivers action, intrigue, and politics, as Max and their friends face constant surveillance, raids, and armored rent-a-cops. Station Six is a story of battling against exploitation, fighting capitalist moguls, union solidarity, and finding hope in the darkest times.

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