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Good Night Little Doctor by Dr. Intergalactic

Good Night Little Doctor by Dr. Intergalactic

SKU: 9781087878942

Good Night Little Doctor is the second of a series of children's books written by Dr. Intergalactic. This will be a series of multilingual bedtime stories for children ages 0 - 6 to dream about their future STEM careers! The new series is a culmination of Ad Astra Media's mission to show a diversity of individuals within various STEM roles. Dr. Jose Morey says "We believe in the concept of 'if you can't see it you can't be it', so we want children of all backgrounds to know that anything is possible if they follow their dreams." Good Night Little Doctor, and its Spanish versions Buenas Noches Pequeño Doctor, are available in both paperback and ebook - Let your child's dreams give them the courage to health, protect and make our world a better pace! Follow our little Doctor as his parents read him a nighttime story to inspire his dreams to take care of friends and family. Follow him as he is reminded he is brave, smart, adventurous and ambitious! Will he head into surgery? Cure an illness?

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