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Crear Studio in Downtown Santa Ana

The Mextasy Circus of Desmadres: Naranja County Edition

About the Exhibition


Crear Studio featured artists William "Memo" Nericcio and Guillermo Nericcio García, the traveling exhibition emerged from the pages of Nericcio's acclaimed 2007 book, Tex[t]-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the Mexican in America.


Beyond showcasing racist artifacts on both sides of the border, Mextasy introduces the concept of "xicanosmotic" art and serves as more than a mere representation of ecstasy for Mexico.The multi-media archival exhibition boldly confronts and redefines stereotypes of Mexicans pervasive in American mass culture through a dynamic representation of Chicano identity and resilience.

About the Artists:

William "Memo" Nericcio is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles in journals including Camera Obscura, Americas Review, Spring, the Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies, and Mosaic. In 2007, The University of Texas Press published his American Library Association award-winning film/cultural studies book Tex[t]-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the "Mexican" in America. With an undergraduate degree in English honors from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA/Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Cornell University, Nericcio now works as the Director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences and Professor of English & Comparative Literature at San Diego State University.

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