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First Poems: ani’mal, Indigena, and furia

First Poems: ani’mal, Indigena, and furia

SKU: 9781953447678
In an unprecedented collection, FirstPoems: ani’mal, INDíGENA, and furia brings together all of ire’ne lara silva’s poems published between 1994 and 2010. ani’mal, focusing on love and desire, and INDíGENA, focusing on identity and culture, were two chapbooks self-published by the author in 2001. furia is silva’s first full-length collection, first published my Mouthfeel Press in 2010. About furia, Carmen Tafolla said, “furia is a fastpaced fury of pain and protest, grief and truth, a mad excursion into the howling depths of that which makes us human, able to hate or love or speak…. this collection is an exciting blend of styles—from the experimental litanies of words which echo, wrestle, and court each other, to the epic eloquence of works–Even in the darkest of depictions, the reader is drawn in, fed with the rawness and the reality of the emotion, fed with the power of truth.”
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