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Hungry Woman in Paris by Josefina López

Hungry Woman in Paris by Josefina López

SKU: 9780446699419

A journalist and activist, Canela believes passion is an essential ingredient to life, but lately it seems in short supply. It has disappeared from her relationship from her fiancé and from her work, and has been absent from her family since her cousin Luna committed suicide.

Using the ticket meant for her honeymoon, Canela escaped to Paris, where she impulsively enrolls in the city’s most prestigious culinary institute. There, still haunted by lunas death, she will begin a wondrous journey against the backdrop of a storied city and amid the enticing aromas of purées, sauces, and broths. Making some new——and surprising——friends, and letting haute cuisine reawaken her spiritual and sensual sides, canela will discover just who she is and what she wants. And, hopefully once again savor the world around her.

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