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Odas a futbolistas Abel M Folgar, Yagi Scura

Odas a futbolistas Abel M Folgar, Yagi Scura

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The national teams playing their hearts out at every World Cup since Uruguay 1930, have always fielded a set number of players and a coach, or tecnico. Yago S. Cura and Abel M. Folgar, came up together in Miami discussing the victories, debacles and flat out robberies exerted at World Cups since at least '78. They've been discussing the sport, World Cups and their favorite players for most of their lives but still have leagues to learn. Odas a Futbolistas is an experiment in aesthetics of the intersection of athletic speculation, stylistic preference and deep spiritual bias. It is also an extension of their lifelong learning, each ode a poetic version of studying tape. Here is their "World Cup" call-up squad of 23 plus tecnico- an intimate look into the idolatry of their chosen religion fueled by heavily caffeinated sketches of some of the sport's most notorious and well-respected players.

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