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The Grand Complication by Devin King

The Grand Complication by Devin King

SKU: 9780999719855

Poetry. "Devin King's GRAND COMPLICATION is a dizzy fugue of forms--regular stanzas in radical variety. And the sources of its argument are just as varied--The Thebaid of Statius, A Midsummer Night's Dream, or Melrose Place. It's reminiscent of Zukofky's omnivorous, inventive formalism. King orchestrates actors and narratives into a weltering long poem: William leads stoners to his apartment, thinking Julia will follow, but instead, she leads Abbie into Luke's room and Mike follows, though Mike had flirted with Julia before she jumped in the pool while Amphiaraus was swallowed by the earth. I know. It's complicated."--John Tipton

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