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Well at Work by Esther M. Sternberg

Well at Work by Esther M. Sternberg

SKU: 9780316542685

Whether you work in a traditional office or a corner of your bedroom, staying well at work need not be a luxury. But wellness at work isn’t just about staying physically healthy; it’s also about reducing stress and improving mood, focus, energy, and productivity.

Well at Work reveals how to optimize our workspaces for wellbeing across the seven domains of integrative health: stress and resilience, movement, sleep, relationships, environment, nutrition, and spirituality, and even the air we breathe. You’ll learn:

How the environment you work in all day can affect your sleep at night

Optimal lighting and noise levels for reducing stress and improving focus

How to adjust temperature and humidity to stay alert and protect against infection

Why open-plan offices can keep you more active

The myriad benefits of access to nature (and how to bring nature indoors)

Office layouts that foster social interactions but not distraction

Foods to enhance cognitive performance

And more