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ZAZ de Alurista

ZAZ de Alurista

SKU: 9781953447913

“alurista es el mero mero, a ‘root’ Xicanx poet, the etymology of our post-colonial mind literature starts with this vato. These word-breaths are more than letters on paper—they are prophecies, clarities, unclarities, rage on page, and humo de copal on a warm spring day.”


—Luis J. Rodriguez, author of “Borrowed Bones” and “My Nature is Hunger.”

Word Master

Word Maestro


Always in the Present Tense

You give us pause to inhale exhale






you b the one named tamed

Desolate Nazizona


Your heartbreaking questions

Teach us meaning


You make us One with All

Sacerdote of the Living Word


Heart. Soul. Blessing is u


—Denise Chávez is an Activist and Director of Libros Para El Viaje, an ongoing Refugee/Migrant/Asylum-seeker book initiative, and the author of The King and Queen of  Comezón

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