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Crear Studio in Downtown Santa Ana

¿Ya Mero Compa?: Jesus Cortez 

About the Exhibition

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Copy of ¿Ya Mero Compa.png

Crear Studio featured artist Jesus Cortez in ¿Ya Mero Compa?, an exhibition that calls society in to see him and other laborers — a glimpse into their lives, not the work. He wants the viewer to place themselves in the scene and ask them, what is your part? Jesus hopes to show the audience—hopefully fellow gardeners and other laborers—a glimpse into themselves, not the work. His intention is to present gardeners as they are, creative, funny, hardworking, and human. Jesus wants you, the viewer, to see yourself or not. This is him, creating art for his colleagues and, to remind us of our creativity in a line of work that sometimes gets us too tired to remember who we are.

About the Artists:

Jesus Cortez, As a reluctant gardener, it took him a while to accept his place in the United States. Jesus Cortez is an award-winning undocumented writer, poet, photographer, and not too long ago he was an activist and scholar  from West Anaheim. His work is inspired by his undocumented reality. Through his artistic expressions, he brings forth counter narratives to those presented in the mainstream. In addition, he hopes to use his voice in contrast to those who tend to speak for his community. 

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